Our alliances

Smart Connection Consultancy is considered a leader in the synthetic sports surfaces area and has been appointed as the Technical Consultant or is working closely with the following Australian and National Sports Organisations and State Sports Associations.

Australian Rugby Union

Australian Rugby Union (ARU) believe that synthetic sports turf allows for greater programming, consistency of playing surface and therefore should be part if the basis for growing participation across Australia. If you wish to appreciate how synthetic fields can be used for Rugby Union call us now.

National Rugby League

National Rugby League (NRL) has recently adopted standards for community facilities and stadium use of synthetic turf following work completed by Smart Connection Consultancy. The NRL vision to grow participation through schools and clubs will evolve by the use of synthetic technology. Call us to find out how synthetics are being used for Rugby League and Touch Rugby.

Football Federation Australia

Football has embraced the technology that is globally known as Football Turf, and Football Federation Australia is keen to support local government and local clubs through their State and Territory members to have the best facilities to support the sport for each local community, as reflected in their whole of football plan, We Are Football. Call us to appreciate the difference in playing field standards and designs for the different levels and types of the world game.

Football New South Wales

Football New South Wales supports and recognises the growth of the game and the need for greater availability of quality surfaces for grass roots clubs and players to have access to. This is where synthetic sports turf can assist facilities and local government meet the growing demand. Football NSW are happy to collaborate and recommend Smart Connection Consultancy to provide synthetic surfaces advice and solutions to clubs, associations and local government on synthetic surfaces for 11-a-side, Futsal, 5-a-side and small sided games in a manner that includes establishing business case, design options, and supporting the procurement of quality outcomes for the sport.

Football Victoria

Football Federation Victoria (FFV) leads the Australian sporting community with embracing the use of synthetic technology to grow the sport. We would be more than happy to provide advice to Victorian Councils and Football Clubs.


As Australian Rules Football grows it has embraced the use of synthetic sports turf to complement the natural turf in 99% of its fields and sees it as an option when the supply can’t cope with the demand being made on natural fields. As the Surface Consultant we can guide your thinking on how best to use the surface for both Australian Rules and Cricket in the community.
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