Recreation Planning, Facility Developments and Feasibilities


Recreation Planning, Facility Developments and Feasibilities

Whether you are considering a recreation plan, a facility upgrade, or a multi-million dollar leisure facility development, Smart Connection Consultancy can guide you through the process. Are you looking to promote participation and encourage greater usage of facilities or to realign your priorities? Our collaborators have helped local government, the not-for-profit sector, Universities and the education sector, State/Territory government as well as the commercial sector. Our skills will provide you with the confidence to achieve the vision and needs for your community, members or clients.

our approach

To provide supply and demand analysis to current provision and needs to ensure rigorous and objective planning. The Smart Consultation Matrix ensures community and stakeholder consultation that enables all parties to have a voice and responses are weighted accordingly.

Architects, consulting engineers, QS advisors and specialist consultants, comprise our team and we work with you.

Bridging the gap between community sport and recreation with the elite game can be critical. We have worked with some of Australia’s largest sports to assist them in their strategic process. Regional strategies ranging from National to municipal – we facilitate collaboration between all parties for a workable solution to ensure that the report recommendations are owned and implemented by all stakeholders.

planning and knowledge sharing

Offering clients advice, mentoring and knowledge sharing so they can contextualise the opportunity and consider their options strategically. Our approach provides rigor and we use independent research as a base to ensure that the most appropriate options are determined.

feasibility studies

Providing an understanding the demographics of the local community, the needs and the opportunities for activating and retaining the key community groupings in recreation and sport is paramount for a Feasibility Study or Business Case. We also offer a comprehensive supply and demand modelling which we believe is critical in determining the needs for sports and recreation facilities.

master planning and design

Exploring the site parameters and constraints together to ascertain the best design and management options for park or venue.

financial strategies

Completing our Smart Whole of Life Costing Model we can support clients in developing financial strategies, funding applications and where applicable, offer funding packages with major financial institutes.

business strategy

Planning for the future, whether that be for the next decade or the next financial year, we have the processes that enhance the journey, to ensure knowledge sharing is creative, fun and focused and to address your business outcomes.

how can we help you?

Get in touch with Smart Connection Consultancy if you have a need to invest, plan or develop active communities through sport and recreation.

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