Sports Strategies

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Sports Strategies

Developing strategies for a sport, whether at a National, State, community or local level we have experience to guide all organisations through the process.

The Sports Development Continuum of encouraging people to play; creating recreational opportunities to grow participation; provision of development pathways for training or completion all need to be connected.

The provision of facilities, programs and activities, modified sports and funding’s is often only addressed from specific perspectives and is rarely holistic in an approach by involving all providers, funders and stakeholders equally. We believe that strategic planning should be holistic with all providers consulted and embracing the outcomes of the Strategy to ensure it’s successful. This approach has been proven globally and we can support sports organisations in the development of such a process to ensure the success of their organisation.

strategic reviews

Review of current strategies against latest trends, published peak body strategies and policies to explore relevancy, current performance and ability to meet future KPI’s.

strategy development

From mapping of the process; mentoring the senior team during the development; managing the consultation process; benchmarking and alignment of international, Australian, local or external to sector Peers; or facilitating the establishment of the desired Strategy we can assist.

  • Whole of Sport Strategy or Vision
  • Junior Strategies
  • Participation Plans (Growth or market expansion)
  • Geographical Strategies (By State, local region etc)
  • Facility Strategies

stakeholder and community consultation

Development and facilitation of consultation strategies using a broad selection of tools and consultation vehicles to gain research findings, trend analysis and insights. Market, customer, consumer and stakeholder research.

performance management and mentoring

Provision of mentoring support to senior leadership team for ensuring that the KPI’s are achieved, how to monitor and report on how best to communicate with the Board and Key Stakeholders. Board roles (temp or for defined period).

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